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GHS Sanzibar
Name: GHS Sanzibar
Nickname: Sanzibar, Samu, Samppa
Gender: stallion
Breed: zlesdin
Age: 10 years
Height: 171 cm
Color: flea-bitten grey on chestnut 
Genotype: ee/aa/Gg/Ff (flaxen carrier)
Markings: -
Discipline: endurance

------------------------------------------ SSS: 
----------------- SS: 
------------------------------------------ SDS:
----------------- SD:
------------------------------------------ SDD: 
------------------------------------------ DSS: 
----------------- DS: 
------------------------------------------ DSD: 
------------------------------------------ DSS: 



Offspring: none


For stud: closed
Breeding fee: a breeding picture
Restrictions: only breeds that the group accepts


Other: This stallion is always ready to protect his owner and herd. He keeps an eye on strangers if they come too close to them. He has a really loud voice when he doesn't like someone. Sanzibar is a strong horse and he's not easily scared. 






Other Images:

Import Image:

Zlesdin Custom Imports - Golden-Horse-Stables

for pose : own reference
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Haha changed my username, let's hope everyone still recognizes me
4 days ago
:iconarcticnomad:ArcticNomad has changed their username (formerly Golden-Horse-Stables)
Here are the horses that are for sale.
Some of these horses have really old references but don't let it bother you ^^

- Give a credit to me in the horses new reference.
- Keep ''GHS'' in front of their name. 
- If you're going to sell the horse tell me about it. No need to ask permissions but I want to know where they are or maybe even buy them back if you don't want them anymore.
- You can age them, add something to their personality as long as it fits with other traits, make their mane and tail longer or shorter, make stallions to geldings
- If you pay in points, I'll make a commission widget on my front page and you can pay here
- Give them good homes :)

GHS Bailatino by Golden-Horse-Stables  Bailatino : The Spooky Show by Golden-Horse-Stables  Bailatino by Golden-Horse-Stables  GHS Bailatino by Golden-Horse-Stables  Bailatino x Sabu by Golden-Horse-Stables  Serenity by Golden-Horse-Stables Horses by Golden-Horse-Stables
GHS Bailatino
6 years old arabian mare
Price: 35 :points: or fullbody drawing with background of any of my horses or other animals not on the sale list

GHS Fresita by Golden-Horse-Stables  Amy and Fresita by Golden-Horse-Stables   Fresita and Darren by Golden-Horse-Stables   Western by Golden-Horse-Stables   Fresita and Marynka by Golden-Horse-Stables   Little Gift by CyrillicConsortium
GHS Fresita
7 years old criollo mare
Price: For Free

GHS Kirnu by Golden-Horse-Stables  Flying Horse by Golden-Horse-Stables   GHS Kirnu : Auras RNG MiniShow by Golden-Horse-Stables
GHS Kirnu
7 years old appaloosa mare 
Price: For Free

GHS Stardust by Golden-Horse-Stables  Stardust by Golden-Horse-Stables
GHS Stardust
8 years old haarlem sport horse mare
Price: 25 :points: or fullbody drawing with background of any of my horses or other animals not on the sale list


  GHS  BonBon by Golden-Horse-Stables   Herp Derp by Golden-Horse-Stables
GHS BonBon
haarlem sport horse colt
Price: 20 :points:  or portrait with background of any of my horses or other animals not on the sale list

GHS So Many Dollarz (grown up reference) by Golden-Horse-Stables   Someday I'm Gonna Be a Star by Golden-Horse-Stables   GHS So Many Dollarz  (foal reference) by Golden-Horse-Stables   Little Guy by Golden-Horse-Stables   Mother and Baby by Golden-Horse-Stables
GHS So Many Dollarz
2 years old haarlem sport horse colt
Price: 30 :points: or fullbody drawing with background of any of my horses or other animals not on the sale list

Aaargh I'm so bad at selling my horses! If there's some horse not on this list you can always make an offer but I don't promise anything so don't be offended if I say no. Some of them are definitely not for sale but you can always try :P


  GHS Lady Killer  SOLD by Golden-Horse-Stables 
GHS Lady Killer
7 years old hannoverian mare
Sold to kalmanen

GHS Choen Gatse  SOLD by Golden-Horse-Stables 
GHS Choen Gatse

10 years old friesian gelding
Sold to angry-horse-for-life

RvS Bailando  SOLD by Golden-Horse-Stables 
Rvs Bailando
6 years old hollendart stallion
Sold to happy-horse-stable

GHS Marynka Felicia  SOLD by Golden-Horse-Stables  

GHS Marynka Felicia
5 years old frederiksborg horse
Sold to kalmanen

  GHS Pepper Boy by Golden-Horse-Stables  
GHS Pepper Boy
13 years old holstein gelding
Sold to SlightlyMadStables
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I stole the idea from :iconchotta18:

I think I may have improved a bit from the start x)


November                November                    November                       
Toblerone by Golden-Horse-Stables       GHS Sabrina SOLD by Golden-Horse-Stables        Icy Penelope by Golden-Horse-Stables


January                        February                       February                       March                           March                         May                         
GHS Don Gabriel by Golden-Horse-Stables    Training by Golden-Horse-Stables     Miss Lily: North of Asgard Beauty Contest Entry by Golden-Horse-Stables    We can't fly by Golden-Horse-Stables    Amy and Fresita by Golden-Horse-Stables    GHS Damone - show jumping entry by Golden-Horse-Stables

May                            May                               May                            October                        September
Penelope x Loki by Golden-Horse-Stables    GHS Valeryana Thiska by Golden-Horse-Stables    Jump Jump Jump by Golden-Horse-Stables    Spring is Coming by Golden-Horse-Stables    Training with Baltazar by Golden-Horse-Stables


May                        June                            December                    December
Rainy Day by Golden-Horse-Stables     Mother and Baby by Golden-Horse-Stables     Running by Golden-Horse-Stables    Nathanya : End of the Year Show by Golden-Horse-Stables


April                            April                            March                            June                            May                            June
Trombi : NQ Spring 2015 Event by Golden-Horse-Stables    It's a Beautiful Day by Golden-Horse-Stables     Miss Lily : Quince Event 2.0 by Golden-Horse-Stables      I Wanna Feel the Wind in My Face by Golden-Horse-Stables    GDK Ruben by Golden-Horse-Stables    Are you coming, mommy? by Golden-Horse-Stables

June                            June                            September                    October                        November                December
GDK Sparkle and Shine by Golden-Horse-Stables    Snake Bites : Hollendart Summer Nights Effort Show by Golden-Horse-Stables    Manteli by Golden-Horse-Stables    Black Horses by Golden-Horse-Stables      GHS Master Thief by Golden-Horse-Stables      Payment picture 2/3 : Aaron DICs by Golden-Horse-Stables


March                    June                            July                      July                            July                            August
Payment picture 3/3 : Rafael DIC's by Golden-Horse-Stables     Journey by Golden-Horse-Stables    Commission : WBS Im Not Your Boyfriend Baby by Golden-Horse-Stables    Commission : GGS The Phantom by Golden-Horse-Stables    Commission : Penelope Luna by Golden-Horse-Stables    Khan's Cappachino by Golden-Horse-Stables

August                         August                         September                    September            September
Commission : BTs A Dash of Rouge by Golden-Horse-Stables    Commission for RelentlessRaiin by Golden-Horse-Stables    Commission : WBS The Antichrist by Golden-Horse-Stables     Commission : Sweetheart by Golden-Horse-Stables    Sunrise by Golden-Horse-Stables
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I made my first horse adoptable set. Go check them if you want to get more horses! ;)
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Just an update because my latest journal about commissions says that they're closed
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